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AHEF product coolers are general-purpose coolers used, typically, for the cooling of products from distillation columns. The coolers are connected directly to the product outlet of the column by means of DN1. The product then flows from the top to the bottom of the unit through the coil battery across which the cooling water flows counter currently from bottom to top.

For connection of the cooling water inlet and outlets, we recommend the use of angled hose connections.

Area (m2) DN DN1 DN2 L Type Cat. Ref.
0.1 50 25 16 450 A AHEF 1/1
0.2 50 25 16 600 A AHEF 1/2
0.3 80 25 16 600 A AHEF1/3
0.35 100 25 19 600 A AHEF1/3.5
0.50 150 25 25 600 B AHEF1/5
1.00 150 25 25 850 B AHEF1/10