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Mixing Reactor
Mixing reactor systems represent a long-term evaluation of equipment and customer requirements. The mixing reactors are preferably used for wide applications in laboratory, pilot plant & for small-scale production. They reduce the need for investment in permanent installations & also reduce the pressure & temperature losses resulting from pipeline installations.

These reactors are available with spherical shape & cylindrical shape. These reactors are also available in cylindrical jacketed form.

Construction of assembly:


  1. Stirrer Drive, non-flameproof or flameproof Motor, 192 RPM.
  2. Available with suitable condenser (HTA m2).
  3. Stirrer shape glass impeller stirrer with PTFE blades, vortex stirrer, propeller stirrer & anchor stirrer.
  4. Stirring assembly with bellow seal or with mechanical seal.
  5. Supporting structure in carbon steel, epoxy coated carbon steel, stainless steel 304 & stainless steel 316. All structures are available in trolley-mounted form.
  6. Closing valves are available as a drain valve or flush bottom outlet valve.

Spherical & Cylindrical Mixing Reactor

20 L ASMR 20 ACMR 20
50 L ASMR 50 ACMR 50
100 L ASMR 100 ACMR 100
200 L ASMR 200 ACMR 200
300 L ASMR 300 ACMR 300
500 L ASMR 500 ACMR 500
Mixing Reactor
Mixing Reactor