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Reflux Divider – Automatically Operated (MAGNETICALLY)
This type of reflux divider uses a swinging funnel mechanism. The funnel, which has a soft iron core sealed into it, is operated magnetically from outside the column, so that the condensate can be removed from the column and reflux returned to the column in correct ratio. Activation of the electro-magnet moves the funnel into the off-take position. The electro-magnet and timer should be ordered separately. Main nozzle (DN2) is provided for ARHM 9 and above sizes.


80 25 25 - 375 75 ARHM3
100 25 25 - 400 75 ARHM4
150 25 25 - 450 100 ARHM6
225 25 25 100 550 100 ARHM9
300 25 25 100 700 100 ARHM12
400 40 40 100 800 150 ARHM16
450 40 40 100 900 150 ARHM18

Flow Data For ARHM

Free Cross Section
Area For Vapours (cm²)
Maximum Distillate Volume In Relation To Water 20°C (L/H)
20 25
50 80
100 25
150 80
250 25
350 80
500 25
Reflux Divider Automatically Operated (Magnetically)

Electro – Magnet
Electro-magnet is used to operate magnetically operated Reflux dividers. When ‘On’ the magnet attracts the swinging funnel of the reflux divider so that distillate can be taken off.


Electro-magnets are to be mounted outside the glass column, just near to the reflux divider, with the help of adjustable fittings. This is designed to use with Timers to maintain correct ration between ‘Off’ and ‘On’ timings of its activation.

Electro-magnet work on 220V DC power supply, for which an output socket is provided in the Timer.

RPM Non-flameproof
RPF Flameproof
Electro Magnet

Timer is designed to use with Electro-magnets to provide a correct ratio of reflux and distillate when operating a Magnetically operated reflux divider.


Two independent knobs are provided for time settings of Reflux and Off-take. During ‘Offtake’ it activates the electro-magnet, which attracts the swinging funnel of reflux divider, and distillation comes out. Both periods can be set accurately within a range of 0-50 seconds.

Timer work on a power supply of 230V, 50Hz.

QRT Non-flameproof
QRF Flameproof
Glass Reflux Divider Magnetically