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High pressure reactor
Small autoclave is suitable for the flammable, explosive, poisonous precious media and other strong penetration of chemical media and other infiltration strong chemical media stirred.
This high pressure reaction tank is used to make lab reaction under a certain temperature and pressure. It is widely used in new materials, energy, environmental engineering and other fields of scientific research and experiments, it is a small commonly used reactor used in teaching and scientific research.



  • Uses the static seal structure
  • The mixer bath electrical machinery transmission uses the magnetic force couple connection.
  • No- touch passing moment, solving the meeting stirred leak problem.
  • Medium and the stirring member is in sealing state to work.

It is made of high quality stainless steel and has PTFE liner and Ceramic liner, has the capacity from 0.025L to

Silent Features:

  • High Pressure can be withstand 22Mpa(CF series) or 6Mpa(CF D series)
  • For reaction of chemical, sulfide, fluoride, oxidation and static sealing, polymer composite materials and others.
  • Heated by muffle furnace or drying oven.
  • Can be withstand 200°C (PTFE Liner)and more than 1000°C (Ceramic Liner).
  • To add pressure gage, intake valve, outlet valve, anti explosion valve or not add as your choice.
  • The capacity can be 25ml,50ml,100ml,200ml,250ml,300ml,500ml,1L,2L,3L,5L,7L,10L,20L
High pressure reactor
High Pressure Reactor