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Solvent Recovery Plant
Organic solvents are widely used in the industry. As a significance, large amounts of liquid waste with various solvents or other impurities must be disposed of. We can recover and recycle your waste solvents back into product grade material.
Our solvent recovery plant offers a unique service for the handling, cleansing, purification and recycling of a wide range of solvents.


Potentially harmful substances can be cleaned and purified, reducing the need to manufacture virgin solvents from non-renewable resources.

Solvent recovery and recycling is achieved through a distillation process that separates the pure solvent from contaminants.
We offers tailor-made systems that reduce both the need of fresh solvents and the amount of contaminated solvents:

  • Continuous or Batch distillation
  • Rectification in vacuum and pressure systems
  • Extraction processes
  • Designing ensures consistency in product output
  • Offering a comprehensive process and application technology know-how.
Solvent Recovery plant