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Bromine industry is an important part of big chemical family. Bromine and bromine compounds have wide application in different fields. Primary using of bromine compounds are in flame retardants, drilling fluids, brominated pesticides (mostly methyl bromide), and water treatment. Bromine is also used in the manufacture of dyes, insect repellents, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and photographic chemicals. Other bromine compounds are used in a variety of applications, including chemical synthesis, mercury control, and paper manufacturing
Bromine is existing in the sea bittern, as well as Industrial effluents e.g. Aq. HBr / Aq. NaBr / Aq. KBr. The Bromine concentration in the feedstock varies from 2 g/l to 300 g/l from industry to industry.
Ablaze Offer suitable bromine recovery plant for the various feedstock based on his know-how in this field. ABLAZE suggest both process Hot and cold process for bromine concentration as per g/l.

Steaming Out Process (Hot Process)

The process is also known as “Hot Process” because chlorination of bittern is done with simultaneous steam blowing by means of live steam to heat the bittern to near its boiling point to set free the finished product Bromine.

Air Blowing Process (Cold Process)

This process is known as “Cold Process” because the finished product Bromine is set free from bittern by chlorination and air blowing under cold conditions.

Process Of Bromine Recovery

The process of Bromine Recovery consists of simultaneous chlorination & steam blowing. The feed stock acidic in nature is preheated to near its boiling in feed pre heater and then fed to the main column where steam and chlorine are blown simultaneously. The bromine as set free by chlorine are steam distilled. The liberated bromine together with steam and some excess chlorine is condensed in the condenser. The condensate is taken to a gravity separator where bromine and bromine water are separated. While bromine is taken in the purification column the aq. layer is recycled into the main column. Crude bromine is purified under reflux and pure bromine is collected in the receiver. All uncondensed vapour pass through the tail scrubber to recover the last traces of bromine.

Bromine Recovery Plant
Bromine Recovery Plant
Bromine Recovery Plant
Bromine Recovery Plant