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Microwave Chemistry System


MWave-5000-Microwave Chemistry Reaction Workstation

Rotary Evaporator Microwave


Microwave Chemistry System

Performance Feature

  • MWave-500 multifunctional microwave chemistry workstation, integrating microwave synthesis, distillation, concentration, pressurized or decompressive reaction and low temperature microwave reaction together, is a multipurpose workstation for microwave chemistry researches.
  • This product inherits technologies of former MAS microwave synthesis system and combines advanced microwave chemistry tools developed.
  • MWave-5000 has study and durable mechanical structure and intelligent integrated system for data monitoring and software control.
  • It is capable of working with external vacuum pump, low-temperature circulation cooling system and other commonly-used auxiliary equipment for chemical reactants..
  • It is a fully functional, convenient and modern chemical experimental instrument.

Technical Specification




Uwave-1000 Microwave.Ultraviolet.Ultrasonic Synthesis/ Extraction Reactor



Performance Feature

  • In temperature control mode, microwave power realizes automatic variable frequency control with the change of preset temperature and time, heating rate can be accurately fed back and adjusted, and non-impulse continuous microwave heating mode is adopted .
  • Immersed ultrasonic working probe has continuously adjustable ultrasonic power and self-check and alarm function .
  • It’s convenient to randomly combine or separately use microwave, ultrasonic wave and ultraviolet irradiation via an individualized system work platform .
  • Mechanical mixing and magnetic mixing are adopted.
  • The product is equipped with condensation, reflux, fluid replacement, inert gas protection interfaces, etc .
  • Computer connection software
  • TFT color liquid crystal display of instant camera system

Technical Specification



MAS II Microwave Synthesis Extraction workstation



Performance Feature

  • Two channel temperature monitor system is designed for large scale reaction states such as liquid, solid and liquid-solid mixture .
  • Advanced microwave power auto-adjust function based on reaction temperature .
  • Mechanical and Magnetic stirring devices are transferable.
  • TFT color LCD screen is monitoring the whole process of reaction.
  • The intake of inert gases has been equipped.

Technical Specification